Kristen Danch-Powell has been composing stories ever since she learned to talk. Around the age of four, as she began to read, her love of stories grew to become a deep, abiding love of writing. From novels to poems to songs, she has never been able to stay away from the written word for very long.

During her formative years, several of her poems and short stories were published in student publications, and while she was a student at the University of Georgia, two of the scripts that she wrote were presented at formal table reads. Then, in 2009, she began her blog Echoreyn of Athens: All About the Music which quickly became a well-known publication about the Athens, Georgia music scene.

Currently, she is working on several fictional novels, and she hopes to begin the publishing process for one or more of these books within the next few years. Be on the lookout for these novels, sure to be hitting bookshelves sometime soon!